Top 5 SEO Strategies To Rank on Google

Top 5 SEO Strategies To Rank On Google

Write relevant content based on your keywords

Copy has become the most crucial element that determines how well you will rank on Google in 2021. More and more competitors out there are hiring specialized SEO copywriters that will craft custom copy for their landing pages which inturn will help them rank on Google. It is very crucial that you Include your SEO keyword that you wish to rank for. Including related SEO keywords also adds a huge boost to your landing page as people who also intend to find similar topics can find you that way. A simple example would be, if you wish to rank for “SEO Goa” then you need to include that keyword in your websites copy and also related keywords such as “SEO Services in Goa”, “SEO Expert in Goa”, “SEO Company in Goa” and so on. This will tell Google that your page is relevant to what the user is searching for show it higher than your competitors.

Go for a mobile first approach

According to me and my analysis in a B2C perspective, 95% of the users browse your website or webapp using a mobile device. If your website does not respond automatically to a smaller screen, there will be a high chance that the user may bounce away from your website. This is a huge red flag for your SEO & in terms of ranking your website on the first page of Google. In order for this not to happen, make sure that your website automatically scales to smaller devices, especially mobiles. It is also very crucial that your website has a clean UI (User Interface) and a very friendly UX (User Experience) so that the end user/customer has no difficulty in using your website, thus making your site SEO friendly.

Improve your sites reputation

Believe it or not, Google knows it all. Yes, Google does understand human behaviour and our tendency to leave a review when we’ve received a product or service. As of 2021, it is advisable to have a trusted review partner to showcase your product/services reviews. A simple and free way would be to sign up to “Google My Business” and start accepting reviews/feedback from your clients. The more the positive reviews, the better is your chance to improve your SEO score & rank higher on google. This will also improve local SEO and people near you will be in a position to find you more efficiently.

Check you Core Web Vitals

“Mom: Go ask the doc to check your vitals”.

“Me: Don’t I look and feel alright?!”

Getting to the main point, although your website may look and feel easy and simple to use, we need to make sure that our web vitals are in place. A few pointers here to note is your website’s total file size, the speed at which the website loads, how clean your website’s code is and so many more. You can use free tools like GTMetrix, Pingdom and Google Page Speed Insights to check your website’s vitals. Having good vitals will immensely boost your page SEO and will indicate google that you meet their criteria of a good web page. If in case your vitals turn out bad, do contact your developer and they should be able to rectify the issue for you.

Get more backlinks

Although this may sound very technical but trust me it isn’t. In order for your website to have a better SEO, you need your website to be referred to by other websites that are very well established. This will increase your Domain Authority and tell google that your presence on the web does have a positive impact on people. Even smaller or newer websites can refer to your website, this will still result in you getting quality traffic from multiple sources. An example would be, I put my own website link in my clients footer area as “Designed By Nikhil”, this results in me getting even more traffic to my website which helps me in my SEO and also ranks me higher on Google.


That’s a wrap on my Top 5 Strategies to Rank Higher on Google. If you found this article helpful the do share it with someone that could benefit from this piece of information. If you would like to work with me or avail any of my services, make sure you check out “https://nikhiljadhav.in/” . Thank you and have an awesome SEO day!


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